Ain’t Life Grand!

Last night the Pure Vision team attended a splendid affair at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton to honor our client Rohit Group of Companies’ 25 years of success! We arrived to a buzzing crowd and a live band performing tunes from the golden age of Hollywood. The champagne was flowing, people were dressed to the nines, and Elvis Presley was in the house! After some mingling and chatting, our team discovered the Photo Booth…

We proceeded to choose some ridiculous props including a donkey cap, a blue and white 80’s metal band hairdo, a feather boa, a pair of oversized spectacles and a large bow that would have made Lady GaGa proud. The four Pure Vision ladies in attendance successfully crammed into the booth all at once, which resulted in hysterical laughter and epic facial expressions (as seen above). Matt and Linh from Rohit went in right after and made their mommas proud.

The main show presented by Dreamworld Cirque included an incredible contortionist act by two women with spines of spaghetti, a couple dancing on stilts, an aerial hoop routine done by four women all at once, a duo hand-balancing act and many more. A group Bollywood dance routine closed the Cirque act. After a standing ovation and curtain close, “Celine Dion” appeared and belted out some of her popular numbers while bearing a striking resemblance to the real thing! Radhe Gupta, CEO of Rohit Group of Companies, was ushered onstage by some of the Bollywood dancers for a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday by the whole auditorium (led by “Celine Dion”) to celebrate his 65th birthday.

After Radhe’s speech of thanks and appreciation, we were treated to desserts of all kinds and some more mingling and chatting. The Cirque crew wandered through the crowd performing spontaneous acrobatic wonders to the delight of us all. All in all, it was a wonderful celebration and we’re so happy that we could be a part of it! Thanks again to Rohit Group for the magical evening.

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