A Branding Wedding Extravaganza
Nic & Nate Wedding Extravaganza

So a most awesome thing happened to me the other day…our art director, Lisa, asked me to blog about my wedding! Now if you know me well, you know that I’ll talk your ear off about my wedding until I’m blue in the face because it was basically the best day ever, period. But why is my wedding newsworthy enough to land on the Pure Vision blog you may ask?

Reason #1: It’s a true life Pure Vision love story.

If you haven’t yet realized that my new last name is the same as another employee at Pure Vision, my husband is Nathan Winski, PV staff photographer extraordinaire! We originally met at Grant MacEwan while both in the design program. He majored in photography, and I majored in Illustration. We both worked at different jobs out of college, but when Matt needed a new photographer to add to the Pure Vision team so that he could focus on making Pure Vision awesome instead, he asked if Nathan would be interested and if I would be all right working at the same place as my (then) boyfriend.

I of course hesitated at first thinking that it might not be the best if we spent so much time together day-in-day-out. Then I remembered how well we collaborated during school, so I said yes. After all, the worst that could happen is that one of us would murder the other in a fit of rage or extreme boredom because we had nothing to talk about anymore. (Side note:  I’m happy to report that we haven’t killed each other yet and we have plenty to talk about because we work in separate offices and don’t see each other all day. Its actually kind of fun that we both work at the same place!)

Our Pure Vision co-workers were some of the first people (after our families and closest friends) to celebrate our engagement with us in person. The girls in the office followed along with our wedding planning process as I got all sorts of wedding things delivered to the office – bow ties, jewelry, shoes, invitations – they saw it all before most people did! Matt plotted a number of ridiculous things to do at the reception to embarrass us (he behaved). Kris and Matt promised to do the token “marshmallow exchange” picture when the s’mores around the bonfire made an appearance at the wedding later in the evening (and they did!).

Reason #2: Weddings are essentially really big branding projects.

A wedding feels like the most important branding project that you will ever design. There’s a color palette to stick to. There’s a “vision” or an overall look and feel that acts as a guide for the day. There are invitations, monograms, event signage, menus, decorations and other paper bits galore.

I’m sure that our guests couldn’t have cared less what the “vision” was as long as they were well fed and having fun, but I took it very seriously, being the type A that I am. Nathan will probably tell you that I took it TOO seriously, but he still married me, whew! I went borderline insane and created almost every craft that has ever existed on Pinterest. We had a nine month engagement and I think almost every weekend in that time frame was dedicated to something for the wedding. Nathan even built a working photo booth from scratch!

Here’s our color palette, described by my maid of honor as “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We used burlap / beige as a neutral, with blues and greens being the predominant decor colors, and pops of orange and yellow as accents:

Reason #3: A dream come true – we’re FAMOUS!

During the wedding planning process, I became a wedding blog stalker. Rather than buy magazines, I poured over color palettes, flowers, craft ideas and pretty dresses online. Instead of creating a wedding “binder” I had a wedding “board” on Pinterest. I pulled inspiration from so many other creative brides. Eventually, I knew that I wanted our wedding to end up on a blog. This goal may or may not have caused my quick descent into craft insanity. But it was all worth it because as of last week, my goal was achieved!!!


Our wedding is now featured on two Canadian wedding blogs, Uschi and Kay and Style Me Pretty Canada. I stalked Style Me Pretty religiously while I was engaged, so seeing our wedding featured on it is quite surreal and so exciting! Our day was definitely a ton of work but I wouldn’t have it any other way because in the end it was pure magic. Now our wedding will become inspiration for other people planning their weddings – FULL CIRCLE!

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