An Ode to Cats…and Lisa

This Tuesday, our PV team had to say “Goodbye, for now” to our cat-loving Art Director, Lisa, who is leaving on maternity leave!

As exciting as it is, we’re sad to see her go, and so we wanted to do something to show her how much we care. So what better way to show it, than to give her a group shot of us all dressed up as cats?

We have cool cats, cats with uncomfortably long tails, cats that hang from poles and cats with anger issues. It’s a nice little cat-salad of sorts.

Riiiiight?!? I bet you’re thinking about how much you want your own composite picture of cats, aren’t you? Well, you may not have a photoshop wizard like Nathan to help you, but I’ve found what think is a very close substitute:

You're welcome.

On this Meowmania site, you can create your very own. I wonder how many cat lovers are online at this very moment, having a kitten-induced-glee-fit over this thing.

Cat lovers are a very peculiar breed. Only horse lovers can even come close to comparing to their obsessiveness over an animal. It seems cat lovers have made the internet their playground for sharing their kitten-love to the world- making it the second most used purpose for the web…

So I’ve decided to compile a few examples of the cat pictures and videos you can find on the web, to showcase the strangeness of their owners’ fanaticism. I’ve noticed there tend to be a few categories of “cat pics” that can be found.


Cats dressed up as other animals:

Cats doing weird things with their bodies:


Cats making weird faces:


Cats being evil:


Cats doing human things:

Cats being cute and charming:

There are literally bajillions of cats pictures to add to this, but it has to stop somewhere. From my research, I have learned a few things:
1.) There are way more pictures of cats being evil than doing anything else.
2.) There are WAY too many cat blogs
3.) Captioning cat pictures is funny
So to end this- Lisa we will miss you a lot, and we can’t wait to meet your little person! No amount of cats will ever replace you in our hearts.

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