Great Graffiti

I was recently lucky enough to do some traveling. (Thanks to a boss who is super awesome and let me go on this little adventure) One of the places that we visited was Lisbon, Portugal. Instantly I was charmed by this beautiful city, the narrow cobblestone streets, the architecture, and the graffiti.  Sounds weird right? Graffiti a good thing? I know but somehow it just added to the charm of the city. We stayed in the charming old Alfama district which to me was the definition of what I thought Lisbon would be, old world charm, with tons of great little cafes (with AMAZING coffee), restaurants with the sounds of Fado music and the cable tram rattling down the narrow streets. I loved walking down a random street and being greeted by some new piece of art staring me in the face on some old building. Tons of very cool stencils and original artwork amazingly done with only spray paint and a lot of talent. It opened my eyes that graffiti could be a lot more than just vandalism, it can be beautiful and really be a wonderful part of a city.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all the graffiti was created equal and some was definitely nothing more than vandalism. But generally I found myself amazed by the way the artwork transformed old and grungy buildings into beautiful and creative works of art.

Regardless of the not so artistic, the good stuff and the city very much left me very much feeling inspired. It just seemed to belong and really left me wondering if things would not be quite the same without it, a formula of atmosphere, architecture and vision that can’t easily be duplicated.

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