Hello there Microsoft Surface!

When Apple introduced the iPad to the consumer market, I was one of the few that could not get on board. In my eyes it was an oversized smartphone with a bigger screen (you know its secretly true). In fact, I even went over the first generation iPad specifications and compared it to the specifications of the iPhone at the time only to confirm to my friend that that it was true. Then comes Monday (actually it was Wednesday when I watched it) when Microsoft introduced their tablet, Surface. Surface comes in two versions, Surface for Windows RT and Surface Pro. The RT version is expected to compete with the iPad and Android tablet devices, but what I’m more excited about is the pro version.

Unlike most users, my computer usage isn’t limited to browsing and Microsoft Office (which you can run on both versions). As a web developer, I do quite a bit more such as actually programming in various other languages and messing around with other gadgets like smartphones. So when Microsoft introduced Surface and made it seem like a full fledge PC on the go, I contemplated the potential it had in terms of computing power. Can it compile code when one day I suddenly decide to pull it out to do some power coding on the go (in other words nerding it out)? Or possibly be able to run a tablet version of Apache server to show off some cool sites I’ve been playing with (probably will never happen). Well if it can handle Photoshop (or some variant of it), I sure hope so, but only time will tell.

The “cover board” as I have dubbed it, is also a huge plus. I could never imagine programming on a touch screen keyboard. It takes up half the screens space and very prone to spelling mistakes (a programmers worst nightmare). So +1 (see what I did there ;D) to Microsoft on that! And then there’s the price, but if Microsoft keeps their word in keeping it competitive with ultra books, it might not be so bad in the end.

To end this post, it would be wrong for me to completely love Microsoft for one product, and as a web developer there’s always that little bitterness we hold against them. So while Microsoft was working on the Surface, they forgot about CSS3…

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