How Nintendo Is Making 3D Cool

With the success of Avatar and other similar projects, 3D has recently exploded back into the public consciousness and is no longer regarded only as a distant gimmick from 70s drive-ins, but as a gimmick from the theaters of today. Putting on the glasses to see the 3D version of a film at the theater is fine, but manufacturers seem to think that people will want to do the same thing at home. Ah yes, I can see it now. The whole family gathered in the living room, wearing $150 battery-powered 3D glasses, fighting for the one spot on the couch where the 3D looks best. If only someone could figure out how to get 3D to work without those ridiculous glasses.

Enter Nintendo, Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010. The Nintendo 3DS is revealed appearing much like its predecessor featuring two screens, the bottom one being a touch screen. Except the 3DS’s top screen boasts stereoscopic 3D that works without glasses. Every person who tries it makes a face like this:

The Nintendo 3DS Face

HOLY &#@%!

In addition to a 3D top screen, Nintendo threw in motion and gyro sensors and a 3D camera among other things. This lets game developers do some pretty awesome stuff like augmented-reality where game elements appear to be interacting with whatever you see through the 3D camera. Games like Face Raiders take advantage of the motion and gyro sensors so that you have to physically aim the camera around to play.

3DS Games

This stuff will be popping off the screen. Terrifying.

All of this really really cool tech stuff aside, the 3DS is launching with a good mix of games, all of which still pale in comparison to the glory of the 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you don’t know what that is or why it’s such a big deal, just imagine the best game ever, and then make it even better. It’s reason enough for me to throw hand-fulls of money at Nintendo until I have one of these things in my hands. This is the face I will make once I do:

The Nintendo 3DS Face - EXTREME

As usual I have digressed and the topic has somehow changed to video games. Bringing all this back to 3D: If you’re going to buy into the whole 3D TV in the living room thing, you should wait until someone takes what Nintendo did on a small screen and puts it in a nice 40” LED. Maybe Nintendo will make their own 3D TVs? Who Knows!? Until then:

Ridiculous 3D Glasses

5 thoughts on “How Nintendo Is Making 3D Cool

  • LFeehan

    Wow! I had no idea that Nintendo had found a way around the super stylish 3D glasses. I want you to get a 3DS just so I can see you make that face.

  • How exciting. Good 3D with no glasses AND a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Makes me also want to throw fistfuls of money at Nintendo to get one of these.

  • North American release date is March 27th 2011, so you won’t have to wait long:P

  • Carlene

    BAHAHAHA… loved the zoom-in on the face. He looks like the first person who ever saw The Interwebs.

    I love Zelda with a passion that is matched only by my love for Zelda, but I don’t know that I will be jumping the regular DS ship just yet. Sorry Nintendo, but if I have to decide between retiring someday and buying all of your upgrades, I think I’ll have to go with retiring someday.

    Quoth Nintendo, “What good is retirement if you don’t have all of my upgrades?”

    Touché, Nintendo… Touché.

  • Tom

    seems so cool but very too expensive 🙁

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