How Pinteresting!

There’s a new social network in town, and it’s name is Pinterest!  Before you groan inwardly at the thought of having ANOTHER social media account to add to your shelf of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, let me just say that Pinterest has a slightly different purpose that might intrigue you.

Pinterest is a place to collect, organize and share anything you find online that interests you or inspires you. In short, it is a virtual pin board. When you find an image online that you want to keep, you can “Pin it” to any number of customized boards with various themes. The boards you create can have any theme you fancy such as “Traveling“, “Presents for Pooches“, “Architectural Moments“, “Yum” or even something obscure like “Dogs with three legs named Champion” (which doesn’t exist…yet). Once you’ve pinned an image, other users look at them and can choose to comment on them, “like” them, or even re-pin them to their own pin boards.

You also have the option to follow other users that continually pin content you find inspiring. Other users can also choose to follow you back! Big companies such as West Elm, the Today Show, Martha Stewart, the Travel Channel and Blik have all created accounts, pinning items relevant to their areas of expertise. It’s a great tool for creatives gathering inspiration, cooks looking for new recipes, brides planning their wedding and DIY’ers looking for that next great project.

Needless to say, the team over here at Pure Vision has seen an opportunity to use Pinterest as a tool to boost our own internal creativity. What could possibly be better than a place for all of us to share what inspires us as individuals with each other, learn from other people’s interests, and create mood boards for specific projects when doing visual research? It sure beats having a list of bookmarks so long it makes you wince and immediately give up trying to find the link you were looking for.

For now, Pinterest works on an invite-only basis, but we can send you one if you’re interested in starting your own account. If you’re already in-the-know about the world of Pinterest and you’d like to follow Pure Vision, check out our pin boards. Let’s get our visual sharing on!

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