Introducing Brain Party!
Pure Vision Brain Party

As creatives, we work in an industry that is constantly changing. There are always new techniques to apply, new styles to explore, new technology to implement and new sources of inspiration to pull from. In order to be innovative and to stay inspired, we’ve decided to hold a monthly internal meet-up called BRAIN PARTY, during which a different team member each month presents on a topic of their choice, or the whole team attends a local event!

Since the commencement of our Brain Party series, we’ve attended two events, both coincidentally at the beautiful Art Gallery of Alberta. If you’re a local and you have yet to check out this building, treat yourself to an afternoon to wander around inside. The architecture alone is inspirational.

For our first Brain Party we attended Creative Mornings, which is a worldwide event within the creative community but with chapters in cities all over the world. On one Friday morning every month, a topic is chosen and a speaker presents based on the topic. The topic stays constant worldwide, but each city hosts their own event with their own speaker! The topic for October’s Creative Morning was “PLAY”, and the Edmonton speaker was Howard Poon, Design Director of DDB.

Howard spoke brilliantly about how as adults, we tend to play it safe because of rules, reasons, and our beliefs. In comparison, children play with abandon and imagination because at that age rules don’t matter, and reasons and beliefs have yet to really be formed. He challenged us to ditch the rulebook, be unrealistic in order to be innovative, and most of all – to become a trainee. He suggested to approach design problems with the enthusiasm of doing it for the first time, rather than the mindset of “I’m an expert, and success is guaranteed if I follow this formula.” Looking at a problem as if you are learning how to solve it for the first time will often result in unexpected and out-of-the-box solutions.

If you’d like to listen to his entire speech,  you can enjoy it for free here. There are also some great photos of the event taken by Jody Bailey here. Thanks to Howard Poon and Creative Mornings for a great first Brain Party!

For our second Brain Party we headed back to the Art Gallery of Alberta to enjoy CanToo, a screening of award winning advertising in support of local charity, NABS. It was after work hours and there were delicious appetizers, chilled beverages and some schmoozing with other industry professionals. We then enjoyed a few hours of ads that were funny, moving, thought-provoking, dramatic, and inspiring. Here’s a few of our favorites for you to enjoy!

A few great ones by OREO:

And a few from Direct TV, because we just couldn’t decide!

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