Kickstart a Creative Project into Action

I recently stumbled onto a really cool site called Kickstarter that helps creative minds, filmmakers, artists, designers, musicians and small business owners, turn their big project dreams into a reality.

So let’s say you are a creative person and have a great idea, project, or invention that you want to get off the ground. Awesome!! Now what? Often you may find yourself needing a little (or maybe a lot of) financial support. This is where kickstarter comes in.

On their website,, you are able to create a page to pitch your idea to people from all over the world and ask for funding, with minimum donations starting as low as $15.  A fundraising goal and a deadline are set, if you get enough funding by the project deadline it’s all a go, if not, the backer’s are not changed. Each project can be funded by thousands of people chipping in to reach the final fundraising goal. As a result, risk is low for each individual investor, but the funding for some of the more popular projects has reached into the millions.

You can see there’s a lot in it for the creative person looking for funding but what about the investor? Why give your hard earned money to someone on this site? Well you get rewards for pledging money to a project. A $25.00 investment in Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Bakery, for example, gets you a box of delicious chocolate chip cookies, or a $100.00 pledge to Sara Schaefer ‘s Stand Up Comedy Tour gets you a performance from her at a private event. For many of the invention ideas, pledge and you can be one of the first people to own one! Who doesn’t loving have some cool new gadget not on the market yet!

There are thousands of projects to check out on the site covering categories from food to music and technology to fashion. Since launching in April 2009 $250 million has been pledged towards projects, 2 million people have backed a project, and 24,000 projects successfully funded. So whether you have a big idea, are looking to support the creative community, or want to get some cool, new and innovative rewards for your support check it out!

An example of a few KICKSTARTER ideas:

Amplifear: Speaker for your Ipad


Customizable smart watch


Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Bakery: mmmm…

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