Let it simmer. But turn the stove off.

I am sitting here fighting my afternoon ADD and trying to write my blog post, and I am completely stumped on what to say. This is, in fact, my very FIRST blog post (Shauna meet 2010, 2010 meet Shauna) So many different things to consider. Should it be silly or serious? Should it debate some great world wide dilemma? Should I include awe-inspiring images and links that will change your life forever?! Who’s REALLY going to be reading this?! Should I wear my cute new heels out tonight? Sorry. Like I said. Afternoon ADD.

Its funny though, cause I am finding that writing my first ‘post’ relates a little to how I feel when I’m designing some awesome KICK ASS logos here at PV. Instead of following my gut reaction to try and create a completely structured outline and precise plan right off the back on exactly how I’m going to visually represent BLAND HOTEL CLEANERS* (*all names have been changed to protect identities) or write the worlds BEST first blog post ever, I sometimes need to remind myself to take a step back, and a step OUT of the little box I feel myself falling into. I usually grab my sketchbook and a cushy seat in the Pure Vision ‘library’ and let my pencil wander. I go, and I let it all out. No matter how simple or far fetched the sketch is. Sometimes there is talking to myself involved (“What exactly DOES bland look like?”). Sometimes my grocery list works its way in there. But it amazes me what my little mind can eventually come up with. Some of my past final designs have been a result of those very first little scribbles on the page. Of course you must take into consideration the few moments of actually deciphering the initial brain dump. Who knows if the idea I have now was what I was actually originally sketching out, but what the hey!! I have a concept!!! Besides, everything that ends up in that sketchbook doesn’t necessarily mean its going to end up in the clients hands, or even make it onto the computer for that matter. An instructor I had in college always talked about “letting it simmer”… meaning even if you just barely start the creative process, be it a logo OR a blog, walking away from it can sometimes be the best thing you can do. Its amazing how things can “simmer in your sub-conscious”. I can’t explain the number of times I am just barely drifting off to sleep at night, and my creative juices decide that just then is the BEST time to work out a brilliant concept for something like BLAND HOTEL CLEANERS. I mean, c’mon… Its midnight!

Seriously now though. It is midnight. But I do have my first blog post! I’ve enjoyed this little process and writing this bit for you. However, I think next time I will make sure to leave myself a note to turn the stove off when its past 10 o’clock at night.

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