MORE tangible LESS digital

As a creative, there is a vast amount of different mediums that you can use to express an idea. We’ve got our choice of pencils, paints, papers, markers, inks and other crafty bits galore. Even so, more often than not I find myself starting a project on the computer, fleshing out an idea on the computer, and finishing a project on the computer. This amounts to a whole lot of digital and not a lot of tangible. I find myself sometimes getting so lost in the digital process that I ignore my roots of being an illustrator at heart. I like working with my hands; sketching, drawing, sculpting, painting, inking, cutting and folding – you name it, I love it. Design is about so much more than the restrictions of a computer sometimes.

Something about the intricacy and painstakingly perfect detail of paper illustration has me mesmerized lately. I admire the intense creativity, precision and time commitment that it takes to create these pieces. I’m reminded that something as basic as a sheet of paper can be transformed into a magical piece of work that comes to life with depth and subtlety that no computer could ever recreate. It pushes me to step back from my computer, explore innovative options and look for new ways to use everyday materials. Here’s some work from a few creatives I’m really digging lately:

Yulia Brodskaya
Typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. This is what’s at the heart of these pieces and the result is nothing short of stunning.

Stuart McLachlan
Focusing on new techniques of paper styling using cut paper to create images and art objects for fashion, art editorial and advertising, Stuart’s work is imaginative and whimsical.

Su Blackwell
Working with fantastical themes, Su’s three-dimensional dioramas made out of the pages of books bring fairy tales and childhood dreams to life.

A Friend of Mine
Melbourne design firm A Friend of Mine was commissioned to create an identity for an exhibition of exceptional student design work. Layers of paper highlight the detail and depth of each diorama, one created for each area of student expertise.

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