Office Olympics Closing Ceremonies

The end of the Pure Vision 2014 Office Olympics has arrived! We’ve had a complete blast over the past 2 weeks competing against each other but also working together as a team. There’s nothing like the Olympics to bring everyone together for a little bit of patriotic team building. It’s been a lot of fun!

To celebrate our Closing Ceremonies, we tallied up the overall medal count from the last 2 weeks and gave gold medals a score of 3 points, silver medals a score of 2 points and bronze medals a score of 1 point. We awarded Super-Gold, Super-Silver, and Super-Bronze “medals” which ended up being a random trio of bells found at the neighbourhood thrift store, perfect for nothing other than sitting on your desk as a reminder of the Games, and perhaps a way of getting attention! We held a super classy presentation ceremony with the bells on a paper plate, because that’s how we roll around here.


The honor of Super-Gold was awarded to Nathan, who finished the Office Olympics with two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal, for a total of 9 points overall. Super-Silver was awarded to Jerry, who finished with two gold medals, for a total of 6 points overall. Super-Bronze was awarded to Nike, who finished with two silver medals and one bronze medal, for a total of 5 points overall.



As for the rest of us, we feasted on Ring Pops to compensate for all of the athletic exertion over the past two weeks and did a celebratory dance lap around the office! Congratulations to all of our athletes who were great sports (knee-slapper) and participated in every event with enthusiasm! We hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage of the Pure Vision Office Olympics. We thoroughly enjoyed doing ridiculous things and taking ridiculous videos to share with you.┬áTHAT’S A WRAP!



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