Office Olympics Nerf Gun Biathlon

The first event of the Pure Vision Office Olympics was the NERF GUN BIATHLON! Athletes completed a single timed lap around the office in proper speed-walking form, with one foot always on the ground and nerf gun in hand, cocked and ready. A series of 5 targets were placed on the route, alternating between standing and lying down targets.

The targets were Pure Vision logos. Missing the target added 10 seconds to your final time, hitting the outer ring of the Pure Vision logo removed 5 seconds from your final time, and hitting the inner circle of the Pure Vision logo removed 10 seconds from your final time. There was a spontaneous rule added during the competition when the movement of two participants was deemed as “running” rather than “speed walking”, for which they received 10 seconds each added to their final time.

Here are some event highlights and the final times for each athlete in order of performance:














Here are the final medalists for the Nerf Gun Biathlon! Matt knocked Jerry off the podium when Jerry received an unfortunate time penalty for “running” instead of “speed walking, and Matt took home the bronze medal with his time of 65.82. Despite also receiving a time penalty for “running” instead of “speed walking”, Nathan took home the silver medal with his time of 59.19. Renee approached the course with sharp shooter strategy and took her time hitting a few of the targets, earning her the gold medal with her time of 57.26!


Here’s a (rough) video with a few highlights from the event!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s event, SPEED TYPING! Who’s fingers are the fastest? I bet you can’t wait to find out!


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