Office Olympics Office Chair Luge

Our final event of the Pure Vision Office Olympics was the Office Chair Luge, which required athletes to sit in their office chairs and use all of their arm strength to propel themselves forward in a timed event, similar to the Longboard Skeleton event we completed earlier in our Olympics.

This event was challenging! Possessing arm strength of any kind definitely gave you an advantage. Athletes were given three runs, with their final time being the best of three.













Kris was determined to take his first medal home and may have been secretly practicing his luge skills after work hours, we’ll never know. He was definitely the athlete to watch in this sport with his fast time giving him an early lead, only to be shortly beaten by Nathan, who’s best time was only one hundredth of a second faster!

In the end, the podium was dominated by the men of the Pure Vision office. Nathan took the gold medal, Kris took the silver medal, and Nike took the bronze medal. In a moment of camaraderie, they balanced precariously on the podium together, to celebrate our last Office Olympic event!


I’d also like to take a quick moment to draw your attention to a little behind the scenes competition that developed over the course of the games. Matt and Jerry proved to be rivals in almost every event, knocking each other off the podium and besting each other by only seconds. In a complete coincidence, their athlete profiles for this event were oddly similar…


Check out the awesome video of the event, and stay tuned for our closing ceremonies!

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