Office Olympics Speed Typing

As an homage to Speed Skating, today’s event at the Pure Vision Office Olympics was Speed Typing! Athletes did finger push-ups, finger curls and practiced their jazz hands to prepare for the event. Each athlete was given the luxury of using their own computer to do the test, with the direction to take a screenshot of their results for the final scoreboard.¬†Each mistake made during the test resulted in the value of one word per minute taken off of your final WPM count.

Since pictures of the athletes sitting at their desks and typing aren’t very exciting or very different than what our office looks like every other day, we’ll go straight to the results!











Now if you’re wondering where the results are for Anya, Kris and Matt, check them out below! Unfortunately, Matt was out of the office and unable to compete so we deemed him disqualified (sorry boss!). Anya and Kris completely forgot to take screenshots of their results, so we’ll never know how many mistakes they made!


With great fanfare and jazz hands, here are our medalists! Jerry’s fingers were on fire and earned him the gold medal, giving him redemption for yesterday when Matt knocked him off the podium for the Bronze in the Nerf Gun Biathlon event. I took home the silver medal, which as Renee pointed out is quite a coincidence because I’m from Dutch heritage and the Dutch are dominating in the Speed Skating events right now. Renee took home the bronze medal, which is her second medal of the Pure Vision Office Olympics! Looks like we’ve got ourselves a front-runner…

Want to see how you stack up against our athletes? Try the typing speed test here! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s event, the Mini Stick Hockey tournament!


One thought on “Office Olympics Speed Typing

  • Matt aubin

    I still think that I should get a go at this event. Being away for work purposes should get me a by not a DQ. That gold should be mine – Ridiculous!

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