Sochi 2014: Epic Fails

In the light of having our office Olympics, I was inspired to continue with the theme. However while our own games ran smoothly and as planned most of the time (minus a few little last minute rule changes =P and a luge office chair that was not up to the Olympic standards), the official Olympics preparation suffered quite a few blunders. Undoubtedly by now the internet has countless photos of building defects, translation errors and other amusing incidents from the Sochi Olympics. Social networks and media have been discussing serious issues in preparation for the games, before they even began.  With each passing day of the Olympics, more and more photos of truly surprising and often entertaining fails appear, which immediately provides a steady ground for jokes and overall internet laughs. Since I spent quite some time following these things on both English and Russian mass media, I thought I would share some laughs.

One of the more amusing photos that has surfaced, was one by a widely known Russian blogger. The authors of the poster call to everyone’s conscious, to preserve the wonderful treasure that is Olympic snow. Aside from the spelling mistakes, the sign carries a rather powerful and thought provoking message!


Another thing that has somewhat suffered, were the street names. They were translated in such a way that for example ‘Ruzheynaya St.’ was translated to its literal meaning which would be ‘Shotgun St.’ Dangerous? I think so!


In addition a Canadian snowboarder added this photo to the list of international giggles over the games. This work of art was apparently placed within the bathroom of his hotel room. This is indeed the instruction on how to properly use the bathroom and what NOT to do (it really is unfortunate I am no longer allowed to fish there).


Furthermore, broken hotel rooms, live wires in the showers AND a very desperate need for pillows. Since this is in Russian I shall provide a translation of the sign below.

Important!!! Dear coworkers! Due to the fact that there is an acute shortage of pillows, there will be a transfer of pillows from every apartment to the warehouse on February 2, 2014, for the athletes that have moved into the Olympic village unplanned. Please understand this situation. We have to save the athletes.’


How thoughtful? And then you get this friendly, housewarming, welcoming addition to your hotel room. Just to.. you know, watch over you and make sure that everything is in order.


On the bright side due to the bloopers, some innovative and rather witty marketing campaigns were born. Unfortunately this is not an official Audi ad, it was produced by a fan, but still….creative and deserves the recognition! Really, four rings is more than enough to be happy =)


As entertaining as these images are, this however, raises some interesting questions. With the amount of time, effort and money spent on this huge and very extravagant event, how could there be so many incomplete, broken and overall unpolished things left?  Why pick a warm resort town to host winter games, while having access to other better environmentally suited host cities/arenas? Was it really necessary to spend all this on arenas/places/rinks/accommodations that will seldom or possibly never get used after the games are over?



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