Stay Classy with Out of the Box Marketing

Just a little over a month ago the much-anticipated movie Anchorman 2 premiered in theaters. Unless you had been living under a rock in the months prior to the release you had heard about it, in a big way. The sequel was announced on Conan in early 2013 and Anchorman’s following of die-hard fans rejoiced. Leading up to the premier the marketing campaign surrounding the movie reached heights never seen before with movie promotion. Anchorman broke beyond the typical trailers and talk show appearances, taking Ron Burgundy off the silver screen and into our lives.

Instead of the typical blatant advertising – “We have a movie coming out, go watch it!” – the Anchorman team created extremely entertaining and funny content based around Ron Burgundy’s character that indirectly reminded us about the movie’s release. An example of content marketing at its best, the team created commercials, appearances, apps, products and more that people wanted to be a part of, wanted to watch, would actively seek out on YouTube and share with friends. Their viral marketing reached epic proportions. Ron Burgundy truly became “kind of a big deal”.

It all kicked off with Will Ferrell appearing in character as Ron Burgundy to announce the release of the movie on Conan by breaking out the jazz flute.

From there Ron Burgundy went on to appear in advertising for Dodge Durango. 70 different commercials were shot from which Durango saw a 59 percent increase in October sales from the previous year!

Ron Burgundy even did some international features from commenting on the Australian elections to announcing for for TSN at the Canadian Olympic trials for curling.

Ron Burgandy he appeared on local newscasts as a guest anchor, presented at the MTV EMAs, and more. He even had his own @RonBurgundy Twitter account. At the height of the campaign you could not throw a stone on social media without hitting Ron Burgundy.

And then there were the products: branded whiskey, Jerry Scotch-flavored ice cream, Jockey briefs, action Figures, LEGO, replica coats, Panther Sex Cologne and more. Even a Ron Burgundy autobiography Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings hit shelves just in time for Christmas shopping.


The standards were set high, moviegoers and die-hard Burgundy fans prepped to bust a kidney from laughing so hard. The end result… mixed reviews… definitely funny at times but overall not as amazing as the buzz surrounding the movie had been. Only a solid 66% likes on Rotten Tomatoes  just enough to squeak through with a fresh rating.

While the actual movie left some wanting more the marketing campaign deserves a standing ovation for creatively breaking the mold of traditional movie advertising.

So remember to STAY CLASSY and think out of the box with your marketing! In the words of Brain Fantana – They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it works every time.

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