Sweat it Out: 8 Benefits of a Lunchtime Workout

Now that the sun is out and the grass is green, we are making an effort to take advantage of the great outdoors and get moving during the lunch hour. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you can find the KEEN Creative crew sweating it out at the park down the road. We like to bust our butts in a range of exercises from yoga to strength training to high intensity cardio intervals. Not only does a lunchtime workout save you time in your busy schedule before and after work, but also it makes you feel pretty awesome for the rest of the afternoon! We’re big about work-life balance at KEEN Creative and we’re excited to start spending our lunches out in the park! It helps us stay productive, witty, and creative.

Here are some of the top reasons why we like to sweat it out at the park at lunchtime:

1. Team building

You get the chance to bond with your team when you’re outside the office environment. Whether we are doing partner relay races or just cheering each other on, it gives us the opportunity to grow stronger as a team!

2. Increased focus during the day

Sometimes your energy levels can drop after a large meal. By exercising and getting the blood flowing, you are actively taking a break from your work to change your focus. This increases your energy levels allowing you to think clearly and come up with great ideas!

3. Improved mood

Exercise creates endorphins which work in your brain to inhibit transmission of pain signals and create a sense of euphoria – this is what causes the “runner’s high”. Over a long period of time, exercise has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and increase self-esteem. Exercise works to improve your mood, and who doesn’t like working with happy people?

4. Sunshine & Vitamin D

Small amounts of sun exposure promote Vitamin D production within the body. With increased Vitamin D levels, you can see various health benefits, and it can also aid in the prevention of diseases and cancer.

5. Increased metabolism

Your body burns calories even when you’re not moving. But even long after your workout, you are still receiving the benefits from sweating it out. When you are pushing your muscles hard, you are causing them to break down and repair themselves. When they are repairing, your body is using more energy than it typically would at a resting rate. Also, muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue to sustain itself. Simply put, lunchtime workouts turn you into a lean, mean metabolic machine! Which means we can go to the ice cream shack more than a few times this summer 😉

6. Save money on a gym membership

There are many ways you can use the great outdoors or a nice park to get a full workout in. Whether you are simply running, or doing chin-ups on the monkey bars, you can find many creative ways to save on gym memberships.

7. A quickie can be just as effective as a long workout

It’s all about intensity when you are trying to squeeze in a quick workout. When you push your body to its limits for shorter periods of time, you still reap the same benefits of a longer workout.

8. Get a beach-ready bod

Enough said. Which way is the beach?!

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