Switching to Google Chrome

So today faced with a bit of down time I downloaded Google Chrome to my computer here in the office (I have had Chrome on my home computer for a while now) and was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make the switch!

Once the download was complete and software installed, I started it up – signed in with my gmail account and, it imported all of my bookmarks from home!  fantastic! now anything I bookmark here, will show up there and vice versa, and in theory on any other computer or device I sign into Chrome on with my Gmail. How smart!  It was also super easy and quick to import all of my existing bookmarks and history from firefox. Now everything is in one place and I hardly skipped a beat. So if you are thinking about it, go ahead and make the switch – its easy, fast and user friendly. Thanks Google!

Also if I didn’t already love Google enough already today… I saw this commercial…made this ol’ mama get a little emotional.

I just hope firefox isn’t too upset with me…. eee


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