The big return

Its something that every mom has eventually has to confront. The big scary back to work reality. Oh no! I just got this whole mat leave thing down! Things are comfortable, even dare I say easy? Ok, ok lets not get carried away here.

I’m finally back after 14 months away from the office. Now i’ll admit that I didn’t return without some trepidation about the whole situation. A year is a long time after all and I had many concerns. How will the boys react to being in someone else’s care all day? How the heck would I ever get into a routine of making myself presentable every morning while also getting the boys ready for the day?   Would I be able to design things without putting pictures of my children in the mock ups? Will my butt be able to take sitting at a desk all day again after chasing around babies all day? How rusty will my Foosball skills be? How will I survive without nap time? Every mama that heads back into the trenches is faced with similar fears. How can you possibly balance work/home life? and how will you ever get over the guilt of leaving your children in the care of another all day?

The first couple weeks were tough. Mostly on the boys, new routine, being away from me all day every day, and both were popping teeth and extra crabby to start. It really is not an easy thing to work all day, then get home and put your mom hat back on. Especially coming home to crabby and/or sick children, going from being there for them all day to just getting a few precious hours in the evening. Its been a hard adjustment for everyone. It really helps that I am lucky enough to truly love what I do, where I work and who I work with. It really has made the difference in making this transition much easier. I also must say that there is something to be said for dropping off your kids in the morning and going to work where you get breaks, a regularly scheduled lunch time, bathroom breaks with the door closed, and you don’t have to change a single diaper. My hat goes off to all you stay at home mamas out there because some days, it seems that going to work is the easier road. Especially on days like this…

I’m happy to report after a month of being back in the work-a-day world things are good. We are all slowly starting to fall into a routine and get used to our new normal. I have yet to put one picture of the boys in any mock up, my butt has found it’s groove in the chair, my Foosball skills have somewhat returned, and somehow I am surviving without daily naps. I do miss my sweats and ponytails though.


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