The Pure Vision Canvas Project
Pure Vision Alphabet Canvas

Over the course of the spring Pure Vision has been busy renovating the office. From trips to IKEA to moving in a giant 20-foot desk to cleaning up the dust bunnies growing under our desks, we’ve been busy!

One of the projects involved with the renovations was a giant typographic canvas hand rendered by yours truly. Inspired by our core values, the project got everyone together and thinking in a fresh perspective. What we initially thought would take us an afternoon, ended up taking an additional week of lunch hours inhaling in the scent of Sharpies. As the project evolved, we were forced to think outside the box to come up with new ideas for each letter. By the end of the week we managed to dry out 20 Sharpies and illustrate 145 unique letters.

We are so proud of the finished result; everyone’s individual styles came together to create a collaborative piece that now hangs above our workspace. We can’t stop looking at it!

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