We are the Champions! (Almost…)

A few months ago, Pure Vision submitted some client work for consideration in the Design Edge Canada Regional Reggie Awards. At the end of March, the Design Edge website stated that all work had been judged and that the results would be posted soon. You can imagine then, what the last month has been like. It’s comparable to ordering a fabulous pair of shoes and checking the shipping information hourly while silently urging the package to arrive faster, FASTER! It’s similar to pitching a really stellar idea to a potential client and anxiously checking your email religiously in case they sent a message while you were out getting coffee. I’ve turned into an OCD madwoman going onto Design Edge every few days, hoping that Pure Vision would be listed as a finalist. This is BETTER than shoes people!

Today happened to be the day where I checked the website, and THERE IT WAS! The Pure Vision name is listed loud and proud as finalists of the Alberta/NWT region in the categories of Interactive Design for the insydeout website, as well as Logo Design for the Copper Point Resort logo. The Best in Region and Best in Category winners will be announced on June 28th, 2011 at the awards ceremony in Toronto! We’re very excited, and we’re one step closer to sharing our rendition of Queen’s “We are the Champions” for all the world to enjoy…

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