Why you should stop using Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer as your primary browser is a lot like buying a photo frame and leaving the photo that came with it inside. Most likely you’re using IE because it came with your computer and you don’t have a reason to change, or you didn’t know you could. Well hold onto your brains, I’m about to hit you with some knowledge.

Does your computer have viruses? Nine times out of ten, it probably has something to do with using IE. Why? IE features like ActiveX and Active Scripting make it very easy for spyware and other malicious software to be installed on your system without you knowing about it. IE’s also has an absolutely awful track record when it comes to various other security problems.

A bunch of friends are building a house. They decide it would be best to agree on a blueprint and what kinds of materials they will all be using in order to build the house. That’s the internet: A system built on agreed-upon standards. IE is that one “friend” that comes along and — thinking they are God’s gift to carpentry — begins to use his own materials and follows a different blueprint. So now everyone else has to change what they’re doing just to keep the house from falling down. Why can’t we all just get along, IE?

What a jerk.

“I had no idea! Please, tell me how to be rid of this demon-browser!”, I hear you say. It’s actually very simple, and takes less time than reading this article. You don’t even have to restart your computer. I know, right?

There are quite a few browser options out there, but here are some of the best ones. You should get one of these. Right now:

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Opera
Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Opera

I hope you make the right choice and decide to switch to a safer, better, and just plain cooler browser.

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