Park Integrative Health

Park Integrative Health is a new clinic opening in Sherwood Park, providing holistic services from a diverse group of specialists including a general practitioner, massage therapist, dietician, and acupuncturist. We partnered with them to create an intricate brand that demonstrates the collaborative nature of the clinic, with brand collateral and a website to complete the look.

Logo & Branding

We developed a meaningful logo integrating several pieces together to form one icon, indicative of the multi-faceted care offered by Park Integrative Health. Tones of green, teal, and blue were selected for their professional, calm and friendly connotations. They are paired with copper/bronze, inspired by the combination of the first, second and third Chakras. The new brand was also applied to business cards and a letterhead for a cohesive presence that sets them apart in their industry.

Modular Website Design

We applied their new branding to a multi-page website, which was developed using the KEEN Modular Site for results that are timely and budget sensitive, with a custom professional touch. The website gives them the flexibility of communicating to potential clients from a services standpoint, as well as medical professionals from a recruitment standpoint.